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Who We Are


Mobile Defenders is a global provider and distributor of mobile technology repair products and accessories. Our organization is made great by the people who live by our shared set of values. These values aren't just something we strive to be, it's who we are. Our success comes from being invested, adaptive, thoughtful, ambitious, and acting with integrity.


We go the extra mile,
when others stop short.


From challenges, we create opportunities.
Failure is not an option.


Thoughtful openness is critical in
making the best decisions.


We’re not interested in doing the easy thing,
we’re committed to doing the right thing.


We set lofty goals for ourselves and work together to
break down barriers to achieve those goals.

Meet The Team

  • Jeremy

    Systems Analyst

  • Jordan


  • Steven

    Director of Global Procurement

  • Tiffany

    AR/AP Specialist

Are you interested in joining the Mobile Defenders team?

At Mobile Defenders, our philosophy on workplace culture is simple: When you enjoy the team you’re with, you can accomplish more than you thought was possible. That’s why we have worked hard to create a close-knit, safe, and creative environment.

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