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Battery with Adhesive for iPhone 6S Plus (PRIME) (New Zero-Cycle)


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Quick Overview

Mobile Defenders' Zero-Cycle Batteries

Reach full capacity with Prime Batteries! This premium zero-cycle* battery was designed with active users in mind for a long-lasting charge. Say goodbye to the continual search for an outlet, and hello to a battery that endures.

To ensure Prime Batteries are reaching full potential, they undergo intensive testing at the supplier level. This is done by measuring power output through one full cycle of the battery (draining and charging again). Output capacity is measured through load testing, in which output is measured during times when the phone requires large amounts of power, such as recording HD video with the flash on. Batteries are also tested under hot and cold conditions, during which other replacement batteries tend to decrease power output.


  • No wrapping, better fit
  • Zero cycle* count
  • Verified 90% capacity
  • Verified low internal resistance
  • Verified high output current capacity
  • Tested under extreme temperatures
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

*The cycle reading is designed to indicate how many times a battery has been discharged and charged. Ideally, “zero cycle” readings indicate that a battery is new. However, if a used battery is refurbished with a new monitoring chip, or a fake chip, it may falsely report “zero cycle”, even if the battery is not new. Mobile Defenders’ testing procedures do put these batteries through at least one full cycle to to test the cell’s capacity. However, this is performed by connecting the cell directly to the tester rather than involving the monitoring chip. This ensures the battery’s “zero cycle” count.

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Additional Information

Part Type Premium Battery
Manufacturer Apple
Model iPhone 6S Plus
Model Number A1634 / A1687 / A1699
Compatible Model Numbers No
Part Number No
Warranty 1 Year
Cutoff Missed