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Business Terms

Behalf makes your life easy!

Mobile Defenders is fully integrated with Behalf, meaning business terms are a seamless part of the ordering process. With no extra fees when you pay on time, no compounding interest or variable APRs, and a 30-second qualification process, it is easier than ever to pay for the parts you need. If you're looking for an easy way to fund your purchases while building your business credit, apply with Behalf! It’s free to apply, the process takes two minutes, and you can get pre-qualified instantly.

When you use Behalf to purchase our products, you get —

More Buying Power

Conveniently fund today’s purchases directly from your Behalf account.

Longer Terms

Pay nothing upfront and enjoy three to six months of extra time to pay.

Cash Flow Control

Customize your ideal payment plan for each transaction once approved.

A New Way To Pay

Let's get started

Mobile Defenders has partnered with Behalf to offer your business the capital it needs to grow.

Behalf's purchasing line of credit gives you more control and flexibility in how you pay for mobile repair parts, devices, tools, or anything else!
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