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Payment Terms: Simplified

Behalf makes your life easy!

Mobile Defenders is fully integrated with Behalf, meaning net terms are a seamless part of the ordering process.

With no extra fees when you pay on time, no interest, and a 30-second qualification process, it is now easier than ever to pay the way that works best for your location.

If you're concerned about having enough capital to buy the devices, accessories, and tools to take your business to the next level, have no fear because Mobile Defenders is with you every part of the way.

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When you use Behalf to purchase our products, you get —



With behalf, take the worry out of managing your payments, and being on top of your finances.

Up to $50k

$50k or More

With great support, and easy to use online features, Behalf makes credit simple. Sign up now!



Behalf is customizable! Need more days to pay? Work with behalf to get you on your preferred schedule.

Let's get started!

Mobile Defenders has partnered with Behalf to offer your business the capital it needs to grow.

Behalf's purchasing line of credit gives you more control and flexibility in how you pay for mobile repair parts, devices, tools, or anything else!

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