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The cell phone repair industry may still be male-dominated, but women are making their mark. We talked to three women who built successful multi-location repair businesses to learn how they got started, their experiences as women in tech, and...
If you’re a small business and just starting out, chances are your logo probably stinks. That’s okay though! As a business owner, you’re probably not a graphic designer, and it seems frivolous to spend money on having a logo designed for...
We take battery safety and recycling very seriously at Mobile Defenders. There are large environmental impacts that could occur from not handling batteries in the correct way, and as a supplier of cell phone replacement parts, it’s important to...

Why You Need to Add One Step to your iPhone Repair Routine
Published February 12, 2021

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As a repair technician, you have replaced countless iPhone screens and may have found that OEM refurbished screens are hit or miss, when in theory, they should be the most reliable. If you have experienced touch issues after installing an OEM...

How to Choose the Perfect Product for Your Market
Published January 13, 2021

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When your customer walks into your shop looking for a repair, they’re relying on you, as the expert, to provide them with a solution that will have them leaving your store a happy camper. You have the opportunity to not only turn their whole day...

Five Repair Store Strategies for Black Friday
Published November 23, 2020

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Black Friday is around the corner, but due to COVID-19, it will look a lot different than previous years. The inevitable shift in shopping behavior, although, isn't something new. During Black Friday 2019, online sales in the United States spiked...

How to Sustain Your Repair Business Amid COVID-19
Published March 13, 2020

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COVID-19, the particular strain of coronavirus that has been in the news lately, has quickly turned into a global pandemic since the first cases of the virus popped up in the beginning of the year. With over a thousand confirmed cases in the US...
Special thanks to Eric Madden, Director of Sales for Mobile Defenders, for writing this featured blog post. Eric has been involved in the repair industry since 2014, and has spoken to thousands of repair shop owners during his tenure. Scaling a...

Six Tips for Owning and Operating Multiple Repair Locations
Published February 19, 2020

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If your business has been doing well, you may be thinking about expansion - If so, that’s great news! After some market research and goal-setting, you may be well on your way to opening another storefront (or two!). Here are a few tips to keep...
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