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How do we define "quality"?
Published June 12, 2019

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“Quality” is a term that has been used in our industry for years, and based on who you ask, you may hear some differing definitions as it relates to replacement parts. Most techs will define something as “high quality” if it turns on and...

Website Hacks: Quick Shopping
Published May 30, 2019

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We understand that you put hundreds of hours into placing your part orders each month, especially if you have multiple locations. Those hours add up! That’s why we offer a quick way to place orders: Quick Shopping.We introduced this feature in...

CHOICE: Evolved From YOUR Feedback
Published May 28, 2019

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Evolving to Better Align with Customer NeedsWhen we first launched the screen assembly BASIC, our intention was to give customers a lower priced option for screen repairs. By doing this, it allowed repair stores the ability to offer quality screen...
With more customers trading in their phones for newer models, it’s bound to happen that you will have an increase of iPhone X devices walking into your store. Since there are more options for iPhone X screens available in the industry, it’s...
There have been recent discussions about a competitor that is being prosecuted for possible IPR violations. We cannot speak to the details of any recent occurrences, but at Mobile Defenders, we take the quality and integrity of our products...
Since batteries are classified as dangerous goods by the United Nations, the transportation of lithium batteries is heavily regulated because they can pose a critical safety risk. When manufacturing batteries, companies must keep these regulations...

iPhone X: Hard Vs. Soft OLED
Published March 21, 2019

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Back in May of 2018, the industry was introduced to the first iPhone X Aftermarket LCD. In June of 2018, we were able to get our hands on the first iPhone X aftermarket OLED when the technology was brand new to the industry. Now, almost a year...

Website Hacks: How to Use a Coupon Code
Published February 11, 2019

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Welcome to MD Website Hacks, where we walk you through the coolest features that our website has to offer!Today we will be going over how to use a coupon code. Our website allows you to apply coupon codes before you being the checkout process so...

Marketing Mondays: How to Market Against Cheaper Competition
Published January 31, 2019

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In today’s Marketing Monday blog, we will talk about a problem that almost every business owner struggles with: cheaper competition. In a price-driven market (or any market, really), you’re bound to find customers that are looking for the...
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