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11.4 Beta: Addressing Battery Burnout

Many iPhone 8 and 8+ phones are currently experiencing battery issues after upgrading to the 11.4 beta. These phones show little to no battery, regardless of how charged they are, and then shut off as if they have no power. This is an issue with OEM and aftermarket batteries, and even happens in brand new iPhones straight from Apple. Reverting the phone to earlier updates or replacing the battery has not fixed this issue.

Generally when an iOS update is released, the industry expects for there to be significant battery drain. You can read more about standard beta bugs here. This is normally because of diagnostics and other programs that are running in the background of a beta that are not present in the final version. This issue is separate from battery drain problems. We are seeing batteries that do not charge, even when left plugged in. Once a device suffers this situation, it is present regardless of whether or not a new battery is installed in the phone.

The Mobile Defenders technicians are studying the situation both in the United States and in our factories in China. When we find a solution to this problem, we will update this post and our social media with the proper fix for the issue. In the meantime, it is important to note that both repair shops and official Apple stores are struggling with this problem.