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Did you know that 30,000 Chromebooks are activated in grade schools per day? That's a lot of devices in the hands of children and an opportunity for repair shops like you to thrive with a constant flow of repairs!Chromebooks are easy to repair, but...

How OLED Will Affect the Mobile Repair Industry
Published January 13, 2017

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With leaks coming from Apple, and rumors flying like crazy about Samsung’s next big move after the Note 7, you’ve probably been hearing a little buzz about both giants moving to a 90% screen ratio design for the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 (*sheds a...

CES 2017 Overview: A Milestone for Tech
Published January 10, 2017

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We're barely into 2017, yet technology seems to be celebrating some milestone moments. The iPhone turned 10, the Nintendo Game Boy was revived and reincarnated into the Super Retro Boy, and CES 2017 just celebrated its 50th anniversary bringing...
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