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Ambient Light Sensors in iPhone 8 and iPhone X
Published April 27, 2018

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EDIT 9/20/2018: Our technicians have confirmed that with iOS 12.0, the Ambient Light Sensor is functional with both aftermarket and OEM front camera flexes.EDIT 9/18/2018: The release of iOS 12.0 has eradicated this issue in the United States. In...

11.4 Beta: Addressing Battery Burnout
Published April 23, 2018

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Many iPhone 8 and 8+ phones are currently experiencing battery issues after upgrading to the 11.4 beta. These phones show little to no battery, regardless of how charged they are, and then shut off as if they have no power. This is an issue with OEM...
EDIT 4/25/18: After the iOS 11.3.1 update that was released yesterday by Apple, our technicians went to work testing Mobile Defenders' iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ screen assemblies for changes in compatibility. The iOS 11.3.1 update has fixed touch...