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Marketing Mondays: Creating a Custom Website
Published November 23, 2018

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When starting a repair business, it is very important to be visible in the digital space. This may include a website, Facebook page, or Google Business page. When customers are looking for a service, they are going to Google a phrase that...

Marketing Mondays: Google Ads
Published November 14, 2018

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EDIT 11/26/2018: Google has released a statement stating they have restricted Google Ads for businesses that work within the third-party repair community. The purpose of these restrictions is for Google to get a handle on "misleading or predatory...

How to Increase Device Sales in your Repair Store
Published November 07, 2018

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution to selling devices in your repair store. There are many variables you have to consider when purchasing devices for your customers such as, model, price-point, condition, and more. Without considering your...