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Black Friday Marketing Tips for Repair Stores

Black Friday is near and that means now is the perfect time to focus on getting your store ready for the holiday season. If you’re wondering how to create a strong marketing strategy for your repair store, this is a great place to start! Keep reading to learn more tips on how to get prepared for Black Friday.

Step 1: Determine Your Goals

As always, we encourage business owners to lay out all of their goals before building out any marketing campaigns. Just a reminder that a business or marketing goal does not always involve sales numbers! Here are a few examples of goals to choose from:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Upsell accessories to x amount of customers or have an upsell percentage of x
  • Increase website traffic
  • Earn x amount of Google Reviews
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Sell x amount of iPhone repairs

Once you’ve determined your overall goal, try to break it down into numbers. Having specific numbers attached to your goals will ensure that they’re well-defined. We also recommend creating a timeline of when you would like these goals to be met i.e. by December 25th, 2019 or January 1, 2019. Defining a timeline will help you stay on track when making decisions based on your goal.

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to take a peek at your Black Friday numbers from last year. What marketing tactics did you use to convert customers when they walked into your door? Did you attract them through social media or another source? Using last year’s numbers and marketing efforts as a benchmark is a great practice to build out your campaign for the rest of this year.

Step 2: Determine Your Strategy

Once you have a few goals, now is the time to work backward. How are you going to achieve these goals? This part can be difficult. Your strategies rest under your goal - this is the method that you will use to deliver your promotion. If you’re stuck, here are a few examples of strategies to choose from:

  • Marketing emails
  • Social media posts & ads
  • Advertising (flyers, postcards, RACK cards, etc)
  • Giveaway or company partnership
  • Community Engagement

We understand that pinpointing your strategies can be confusing, so here’s a visual to better illustrate the concept:

You can have as many goals, strategies, and tactics as you would like but make sure they’re manageable. You don’t want to set out to create various goals that won’t be completed.

Step 3: Determine Your Tactics (Specific Promotions or Actions)

Moving forward, the next step is to determine your tactics. These are the granular actions that you’re going to take to fulfill your goal.


Goal: Increase website visitors by 10%

Strategy: Social Media

Tactic: Create a Black Friday landing page with all of your exclusive deals and link to this page to educate customers about your Black Friday specials.

You want to build out all of your tactics underneath your strategies. You can have as many tactics as you would like, as long as they’re realistic - no one wants to be left with unused tactics.

Step 4: Create and Plan

Now is the time to break out the calendar to plan when you will be executing these posts. We recommend using the tool Airtable - this scheduling tool can be customized to whatever your needs are. This is a great way to get a visual of what and when you will be posting each day. Now is a great time to revisit the timeline you proposed in the beginning. Once you have all of your posts scheduled out accordingly, execute away until your planned end-date.

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