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Counterfeit Prevention and What it Means for Mobile Defenders

There have been recent discussions about a competitor that is being prosecuted for possible IPR violations. We cannot speak to the details of any recent occurrences, but at Mobile Defenders, we take the quality and integrity of our products seriously, and we go out of our way to ensure that all of the parts we sell are legal and comply with all Intellectual Property Rights laws. Most device parts from wholesalers are purchased in the Open Parts Market in Shenzhen, China. It’s here that distributors are able to purchase parts from one of the 30,000+ vendors. Where did the parts come from originally? It’s impossible to know. That’s why our China team works directly with factories so we always know precisely where our parts come from.

We take extra legal precautions to ensure that we are compliant with IPR holders’ rights as well as all U.S. laws. Mobile Defenders has personally met with or spoken to several different third-party attorneys, an IPR expert, the legal teams of the two top OEMs, Motorola, LG, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a specialized U.S. Customs attorney, and many more. We’ve worked hard to remain IPR compliant and we continue to stay updated with any changing laws and regulations to ensure all of our products are legal and able to distribute.

How to Remain Compliant with IPR laws:

  1. Never buy anything with a counterfeit logo or trademark. If the price is low or if you are doubting the authenticity of the logo, it’s likely a knockoff.
  2. List your products truthfully. Don’t tell customers you are offering OEM Apple repairs unless you are truly using OEM LCDs.
  3. When selling a product with any trademarks, the product needs to be original genuine. If they are on a refurbished screen, you need to label the screen as such with a disclaimer at minimum. This is why many products we sell appear new but have a “Certified Refurbished” label.

Grey Market Products

Grey Market products are Genuine OEM products that aren’t intended by the original manufacturer to be sold outside of a certain region, but they are perfectly legal. For example, we offer OEM Service Packs for Samsung devices; these are perfectly legitimate products that are 100% genuine, but Mobile Defenders IS NOT AUTHORIZED by Samsung directly. Because the products are original (and we check them regularly), we are protected and we can legally sell them. Think of it like buying a new car and reselling it. Of course, you can resell the car as 100% genuine if it actually is (and if you can prove it), but if it has been salvaged you have the disclose the salvaged title.

In order to prove that something is genuine, you may have to tear the parts down, use microscopic and chemical testing, etc. to prove that the parts are authentic. It can be hard to determine what is legitimate, and what is not. That’s why Mobile Defenders invests a lot of money and time into this testing so you don’t have to. When at all possible, it’s always best to purchase OEM Authorized products to ensure they are complaint. We are Authorized by LG and Motorola to distribute 100% Genuine OEM parts, and we are always looking to add additional manufacturers to that list.

We take counterfeit products very seriously and aim to provide safe, legal, and reliable parts for all of our customers.

*This information intended for informational purposes only and are not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel. Please retain your own legal counsel before using this advice to make any legal decisions. Mobile Defenders reserves all rights.

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