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Evolving the Mobile Defenders Brand

Our mission has evolved from providing customers with reliable mobile repair parts, to a company that creates custom-curated products, has an expansive catalog for customer diversification, a customer experience team that works tirelessly to make you feel valued, and beyond. Our continued push to elevate industry standards and be more than just a parts supplier has led us to evolve the Mobile Defenders brand, look, and experience.

Welcome to the new Mobile Defenders

In 2011, we moved from repairing phones on a kitchen table to opening our first repair stores in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After opening these stores, we quickly discovered there was no cut-and-dry solution to finding reliable repair parts, not only for us but for our customers. In 2013, we decided to bridge this gap by creating Mobile Defenders, and sourcing products directly from China to help solve this problem within the industry.

The Mobile Defenders logo you’ve come to recognize has been with us since the beginning. It was with us when we had just three employees, then when we grew to ten employees, and now many more. We chose our logo with a phone embedded in the name because it symbolized where we started - sourcing mobile repair parts. As an ever-evolving company, we have grown to offer an expansive catalog of products and services. This expansion led us to move toward a stronger, sleeker look to embody where our company is as an industry leader.

This new, modern logo reflects the evolution of our company from simply a mobile parts supplier to a company that embodies much more than that. Although the look has many differences from the original, the black Mobile and red Defenders remain a constant reminder of our roots.

This change is much more than a new look. It is the start of a whole new experience. We’ve spent the last five years getting to know you. We’ve shared in your victories, struggles, and new experiences. In turn, we’ve shared some of our major accomplishments with you, such as opening our office in Shenzhen, signing OEM authorizations with Motorola and LG, and being the first parts supplier to offer products like drones, POS integrations, and custom-manufactured screens to the industry. Our goal now is to show that we’re not only dedicated to evolving our look but also evolving the way you work.

Our new website design comes packed with great features that save you time and keep you moving forward. Ordering parts from your supplier’s website has never been easier. Soon, you will be able to build the product you need by choosing the model, preferred screen line, color, and quantity within seconds. No more sifting through thousands of products to find the one you’re looking for. To learn more about how to navigate our new website, read our blog here.

We’re also advancing the way you repair with the official introduction of two new screen lines: Advanced and Express. You may have already seen (or tested) our Advanced screens. These screens use In-Cell technology for a stunning display. If you have customers that are looking for the best picture quality available for an aftermarket screen, the Advanced line is for them.

On the other hand, if you have a customer looking for a speedy repair, our new and improved Express line is the way to go. These assemblies have all the same custom-manufactured features of our Select line, but also include 100% tested pre-installed small parts, like the front camera, proximity sensor, and ear speaker. These assemblies are designed to save you time and give you the opportunity to offer express repairs at your location. Click here to learn more about all of our screen lines to see which one works the best for your business.

In 2018, we placed many of our efforts into the digital space. We released several videos such as our Birth of an MD Select Screen, Exploring the Shenzhen Marketplace, and more. We’ve also been dedicated to bringing people together in the industry, and that’s why we inherited our Facebook group, Repair Talk. This is a place where owners and technicians alike can come together to interact with the community and help answer questions. It is also an open forum to ask and answer questions about our products, and the way we work.

Just because we’ve changed the way we look, does not mean we've lost sight of our ultimate goal: helping you succeed in your business by pushing the industry forward. We’ve been dedicated to you since 2013, and we’re excited to continue to grow in 2019.


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