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Five Repair Store Strategies for Black Friday

Man shopping for phone accessories on Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner, but due to COVID-19, it will look a lot different than previous years. The inevitable shift in shopping behavior, although, isn't something new. During Black Friday 2019, online sales in the United States spiked 334 percent from the first four weeks of the previous month according to Criteo. With more sales likely to happen online, your repair store has an opportunity to grab sales this holiday by making slight shifts to promote your products and services online.

Read below for five strategies to try out for Black Friday 2020.

  1. Create Excitement with Exclusive Deals

  2. Customers thrive off the excitement of Black Friday. With 2020 being a bit different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people who would’ve usually stood in line to get their hands on the best deal will be staying home to shop online. This provides an opportunity for repair stores. Since customers and potential customers are already active and scrolling on their devices, create hype through social media.

    If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas for you:

    • Exclusive deals every hour:
    • With enough build up, customers will be checking back at your social media page or website to see what new deal is featured during that hour. You could focus on phone cases one hour, then devices the next. Each deal will resonate with a different customer’s needs and the whole event will show the expanse of your offerings. Win-win.

    • Giveaways:
    • People will like, follow, and share for the slight chance of winning something. This is a great way to increase awareness about your products and services, while also gaining followers. Why do you want to gain followers? So that your posts will reach a larger audience. Then, when they need their phone repaired they’ll think of your store.

  3. Give Alternative Ways to Shop
  4. Black Friday has gone virtual, meaning stores will see less in-person traffic. Alternatively, they’ll see more traffic online. If customers can book a repair and purchase products off your website, that needs to be front and center for Black Friday. If your website is not set up for online shopping, provide alternate ways for customers to shop from their home.

    How can you do this without a shopping platform, you ask? By posting pictures of your inventory on social media. Whether you want to move devices, accessories, or another item during Black Friday, show people what you have. Simply snap photos of your inventory and explain the product. Then, encourage customers to call your store to build an order and reserve products for pickup.

  5. Provide Curbside Pickup, Contactless Pickup, and Shipping
  6. The safer a customer feels, the more likely they will buy something. If your store only allows in-store shopping and pickup, you may not get the sales you desire this Black Friday. Having an alternative way to shop and providing curbside pickup, contactless pickup, and shipping options will win your weary customers over.

    How does this all work? Simply communicate with the customer on the options available. In each social media post or newsletter, clearly state your delivery options. When someone calls to get a repair done or build an order, ask them how they want to receive their products. It will all fall into place from there.

    If you’re not sure about offering shipping, let’s look at it from another angle. Although this may be outside what you do currently, it is a huge opportunity for your repair store. Not only will the customer remember that you pivoted during a pandemic to help them out, but you have a guaranteed extra touch point with the customer. With their order, add a hand-written thank you card for shopping local and you’ll leave a positive impression, which could turn into a recommendation down the line.

  7. Discount slow-moving stock
  8. It’s time to get rid of the stock that has been sitting on your shelves so that you can refresh it for 2021. Are phone cases, tempered glass, or other accessories hanging on the slot wall in your repair store collecting dust? These products have high margin and therefore allow room for discounting. Promote these accessories as gifts or stocking stuffers at a discounted price and watch them be wrapped up for the holidays.

  9. Highlight Devices
  10. Many people are looking for something new on Black Friday. Some want right-out-of-the-package new and others just want an upgrade. This holiday season, make a point to highlight devices, whether they be phones, laptops, or smart watches.

    Bundle them with cases, tempered glass, and other accessories for Black Friday at discount to move stock and increase your tickets.

    Although Black Friday may be a little different this year, it’s an opportunity to make an impact on your local community. Whether your goal is to turnover stock to make room for the new, increase followers who will turn into customers in the future, or want to leave a positive impression - it’s all possible when your strategy is clear.