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Holiday Store Prep: Optimizing Accessory Attachments

Why accessories are importantWhat’s your marketing angle for the holiday season? If you’re not sure, you still have time. With proper preparation, you have a huge opportunity to boost sales for your store from Black Friday through the end of the year. The great thing about this industry is that everyone has a phone, which means that something as simple as advertising accessories as stocking stuffers could increase your average ticket size significantly!

If you aren’t leaning into accessory attachments, you could potentially be missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, but we’re here to help. Keep reading for tips on how to take full advantage of accessories this season.

The Importance of Having the Right Accessories

When it comes down to it, quality matters. If a customer looks at your accessories and deems them cheap-looking, the inventory is destined to sit and become a waste of budget for your shop. A little investment up front on products you know will sell goes a long way to increasing your revenue.

Brand names sell, but we recommend stocking products that you and your team truly believe in. If your team uses and depends on products that you sell in your store, they are more likely to speak passionately about them and pitch the products without sounding too salesy. That human-to-human connection is always the best sales tactic because it almost isn’t a sales tactic.

Your Display Area Matters More Than You Think

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. When you walk into your repair store and over to your accessories, how do you feel? When we decide to visit a store, we go to one that either interests us, has a product we need, or has been recommended. We repeatedly go back and purchase items from a store where we feel comfortable. Comfort is different for everyone, but some influencers are how the lobby is set up and how the products are displayed. A wire rack drilled into the wall with accessories arranged inconsistently has a different vibe than a curated display that is organized strategically to draw in the customer’s eye.

Try to keep a close eye on displays while you’re out shopping to try and innovate a better customer experience and raise the bar in your store. Customers definitely take notice and intentional displays can drive more revenue.

For a more in-depth look at talk tracks, read our blog on how to create and implement conversational, less salesy talk tracks.

Do you have your own tips and tricks that you’ve noticed have helped drive accessory sales in your store? We’d love for you to share them on our Facebook page, our RepairTalk Facebook Group, or any of our other social media channels!