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How To Choose the Right Samsung Screen For Your Customer

While Samsung saw a market dip in the middle of 2021, recent statistics have shown a resurgence in the manufacturer's smartphone sales. With growth seen in the last year, it’s safe to say that repair stores may see more Samsung devices filtering in for repair over the coming months.

In fact, Samsung is second place only to Apple in smartphone sales. A report from February of 2022 shows that the Galaxy series continues to carry most of the weight in the Android market, securing five of the top ten spots. With that in mind, stocking parts for quick repair turnaround on Samsung devices will be your best shot at landing a sale. Keep reading for tips on how to choose the right tier of replacement parts for your market.

Samsung Repair for Customers Who Want the Best

Samsung OEM Service Packs are the highest quality parts available for Samsung. By offering your customers this part tier, their phone will perform just like it did prior to damage. These parts range from displays and back covers, to batteries and adhesives, and are available across a long list of Samsung models. If you have a customer in your shop that is hoping to have the exact experience they are used to, these parts are the best option for them.

Samsung Repair For Customers Working on Limited Budgets

If your demographic is more price conscious, our new Grade A and Grade B displays might be a better option for your store. These like-new and lightly used displays help fulfill the needs of customers that are working on a tighter budget. Not only that, but if you’re having a difficult time convincing a customer to make a repair on their phone, providing this part tier as an option can help flip a sale that otherwise would’ve left your store without a solution. While these displays come in at a lower price, we assure you that they have gone through extensive testing and meet our standards. Everybody’s needs are different and that’s okay. The Grade A and Grade B displays are a great option for customers that just need to get their phone back in working condition.

New Easy Way to Test Samsung Screens Prior to Install

It’s good practice to test displays prior to install to ensure they function properly. That’s where the DL400 comes in. This device has the ability to test displays for a wide variety of functionalities such as touch, dead pixels, brightness, contrast, and more. Since its launch, this in-demand tool has been a huge asset to techs. Up to this point, only Apple devices were compatible with the device, but recently Samsung flexes were added to the lineup. These flexes are available in a package or individually, and all it takes is a simple update on the DL400 for them to work properly. You can find the link to that update on any of the Samsung flex pages on our website. The use of the DL400 will help streamline repairs and allow you peace of mind when grabbing a part for repair.

Samsung has always been a major player in the mobile phone industry, and now, after recovering from a pandemic low, they’ve only cemented themselves as a leader moving forward as well. Mobile Defenders is here to assist you in all of your Samsung repairs and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at [email protected].