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How to Partner with Schools for Chromebook Repair

The landscape of education technology has changed drastically since 2020. Chromebook sales boomed in order to equip students during the pandemic. Now, nearly every school is implementing 1:1 technology, which provides all students in a district or grade level with a Chromebook for educational use. With all of this technology in schools, it’s not uncommon for them to break. When they do break, Tech Directors need a plan for repair. Most of the time, school districts will purchase insurance plans or warranties for their EdTech devices, but this doesn’t mean there isn't opportunity for you to offer fast turnaround or custom pricing while devices are still in warranty, and even more services when the devices are out-of-warranty. Keep reading for tips to land Chromebook repair leads.

Tips for Connecting with Schools for Repair

In a recent episode of RepairTalk TV, Daniel covers how to reach out and secure contracts with schools for their Chromebook and other device repairs. This is a very helpful resource to continue to come back to for insight!

Locate your local school districts

The first step is locating the school districts in your area. We also recommend getting a good idea of what devices they’re using in-house. This will help you craft your pitch. To stay organized, compile a list of all the school districts in your area. To find more information about who to contact, visit the school’s website to view the directory. Make a list of the best contacts to reach out to, which typically includes the IT Department, Tech Directors, IT Assistants, and department secretaries.

Create a Price List

Before reaching out to school districts, we recommend having a presentable price list that can be sent to the school upon request. A price list allows Tech Directors the ability to compare your services to other repair depots or warranty providers. It will also be useful to create a brochure or one-sheet flyer explaining your offers and how you can help their department succeed during the busy school year.

Pitch Your Services

From here, we recommend reaching out to the department to pitch your services. You can do your initial pitch through email (keep reading for a free email template!). Download an email extension that tracks the open rates of your emails. We recommend this free email tracker - this will help you determine when to follow up on your email.

If you don’t receive a response from the first email within a week or two, try calling the school or department. This may take a while to perfect, and that’s OK! Once you get your foot in the door, try your best to learn more about the current warranty and repair contracts they have to better pitch your services.

Explain your Benefits

It’s all about the pitch! Focus on the ways you can help them with your repair services, such as fast turnaround, pick-up, and drop-off services, custom quotes, bulk discounts, and more. This will help set you apart from the other players in the market who might require school districts to package and send their Chromebooks to repair depots.

*Note: It’s common for school districts to have purchased warranties through third parties. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t secure any clients right out of the gate.

Still not sure where to start? We understand! Try your best to familiarize yourself with the district's procedures and develop a plan of attack from there. Keep in mind that many of these districts bounce ideas around and share resources with each other. Once you’ve started the conversation with a school district, it will be easier to gain new accounts through referrals.

If you need some help with the first steps, take advantage of our email template below!

Hi (Insert prospect's full name),

My name is (insert your full name here) and I am the (insert position) at (company name). We specialize in repairing devices for both consumers and school districts alike. I was reaching out today in hopes of learning more about your school district’s technology department.

Our repair pricing tends to be lower than others in the market. We also offer a fast turn around along with pick-up and drop-off services. I’d love the opportunity to speak with you further to see how we can help!

(Insert full name)

*Make sure you have an email signature with the best information to reach you including a phone number, email, and website address.

You’ve secured your first account! Now what? We highly recommend eduPARTS. They offer OEM replacement parts for Chromebooks, iPads, and more. Take advantage of their custom pricing, easy payment options, OEM parts, warranty, and fast shipping. Start shopping or request a quote today!

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