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How To Use Marketing Materials to Boost Revenue

One of the challenges we hear from repair shops is how they can get their name in front of potential customers. With the emphasis on digital marketing these days, it’s easy to forget that some good old fashioned facetime (not the iPhone app) can be just as effective as it’s always been. Here are a few ideas on how you can use our free marketing materials to get your business in front of people and boost your revenue.

Take Advantage of the Warm Weather

In the warmer seasons, people are out and about nearly every day. This is the perfect opportunity to print flyers and hit the streets. You can use Facebook as a resource to find events in your area. On the left, click on the “Events” tab and sort by events happening near you. Look for any event that you think might be well attended. From farmers markets, to film festivals, or artisan shows- any casual gathering of people is a great place to start. You can use their “Events” tab and sort by events happening near you. Once you’re there, start striking up conversations with people, even vendors. Tell them what you do, and offer them a flier to remember your business by.

USPS Every Door Direct Mail

Have you ever gotten a piece of marketing mail? A lot of the time, flyers received in the mail do get thrown away, but if it’s something that people actually need, they’re a useful tool to pull in business you may not have gotten otherwise. That’s what makes USPS Every Door Direct Mail so powerful. Largely inexpensive, this is an incredible tool to get your brand in the hands of potential customers in your area. When your marketing materials find their way into the mailbox of the right people, they can be a huge revenue boost. Adding a discount code to these is a way to entice someone to finally fix that cracked screen or get the battery replacement they’ve been needing.

Find Popular Spots in Your Area

Where are the heavy traffic areas in your city? Most coffee shops, libraries, and even some breweries and bars have community boards up in their spaces. That may seem a little old fashion, but it’s a great way to get your brand in front of people. Think of it as a free billboard on a smaller scale. It will still cross paths with a huge number of people.

Remember, as useful and important as digital marketing is these days, it’s still just as important to get yourself in front of people in the real world. Talking with someone face-to-face, or even just getting a physical copy of your brand in their hands could be a game changer for your shop.

For more tips like this, device teardowns, and more, check out our blog and YouTube channel. If you liked this blog, watch the video below for more tips from our Content Marketing Specialist, Cody Flowers.