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iPhone OLEDs: Choosing the Best Assembly for Your Repairs

With more customers trading in their phones for newer models, it’s bound to happen that you will have an increase of iPhone X devices walking into your store. Since there are more options for iPhone X screens available in the industry, it’s never easy to determine which one is right for you.

At Mobile Defenders, our goal is to give our customers several options for device parts, so they are able to choose the best option in regards to what they’re looking for. Below you’ll find some information on our different offerings for iPhone X and up (excluding iPhone XR, which uses an LCD), and which markets they are best for.





In-Cell LCD

Aftermarket LCD



Aftermarket Hard OLED



Aftermarket Soft OLED

SELECT (Soft - OEM Hybrid OLED)

Soft Original OLED

Original Self-Assembled


Original OLED

Original Refurbished


Our CHOICE screens for iPhone X include in-cell LCDs. These assemblies tend to drain more power than the OLEDs, but the phone does not get physically hot to the touch like some other iPhone X LCDs in the market. The main benefit of this option is the price. You’ll notice that the CHOICE LCD is lower in price than our other OLED offerings. This is because the cost of the LCD in the market is much cheaper than the cost of an OLED. Keep in mind that the iPhone X was designed to function with an OLED and not an LCD.

*To understand the differences between Hard and Soft OLEDs, read our blog here.

Our CHOICE Hard OLED includes an aftermarket hard OLED. This OLED is typically priced more competitively than SOFT OLEDs. Although the price is lower, there are still implications that need to be considered. Hard OLEDs are known to be more physically fragile than Soft OLEDs. This means they are more prone to breakage by drops, deformation, or improper installation. This means you could have a customer return back into your store weeks or even days later with a damaged OLED. However, Hard OLED technology is improving more and more each day, and we have been able to source some assemblies that are more durable and reliable as time goes on.

Hard OLED vs. Soft OLED


The CHOICE Soft OLED includes an Aftermarket OLED. Soft OLEDs are manufactured on a flexible plastic substrate, making them more resilient to shock and slight deformation. Although this OLED is made with plastic, that means there is a possibility for it to not age as well internally as the Hard OLED. This OLED is also more prone to burn-in as opposed to the more resilient Hard OLED option.


Our SELECT Soft OEM Hybrid OLED has a Soft Original OLED. This assembly comes at a higher price because it uses an original OLED layer that is more resilient to burn-in than the aftermarket Soft OLED. It also utilizes an aftermarket touch panel, allowing the assembly to be more reliable than other FOG options on the market in terms of touch functionality. Our customers have found that these assemblies are the optimal balance between price and quality. This is a great option for those that are looking for an aftermarket price without the downfalls of other aftermarket options.


Our PRIME assembly includes an original OLED. This screen tends to be the most expensive out of all of our offerings because it is an Original Refurbished assembly. This assembly will provide a picture quality that is closest to OEM. Our PRIME screen assemblies also utilize an aftermarket touch panel to avoid any touch issues during use. For customers that want the performance and reliability as close to their original screen as possible, PRIME assemblies are the answer.

Nobody knows your business as well as you do, and that’s why we give YOU the option to choose the part specifications that best align with your market. With the new iPhones using OLED assemblies, aftermarket OLED options will only get better over time. We will continue to offer what we believe to be the best choices available on the market, while also giving you the freedom to shape your customers’ experiences based on the screen assemblies you choose.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our screen line offerings!

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