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iPhone XR LCDs: What Are the Differences?

Across the industry, we’ve seen an increase in screen assembly choices for the different iPhone X models. At Mobile Defenders, we try our best to give our customers all of the information they need in order to purchase the product they’re looking for. To see a comparison of our different iPhone X OLED assemblies, view our blog here. Below you will find information on our different iPhone XR screen assembly offerings and which markets they are best for.





COG (Chip-on-Glass)

Aftermarket LCD


COF (Chip-on-Flex) TFT

Aftermarket LCD


COF (Chip-on-Flex) TFT

Original Refurbished


Our CHOICE assemblies for iPhone XR include in-cell LCDs. These assemblies are COG (Chip on Glass) - meaning the IC chip is fused right on to the glass. Due to this, the assembly will become hot to the touch after extended usage. The main benefit of this assembly is price; it is a great option for competitive areas.


Our SELECT assembly for iPhone XR includes COF (Chip on Flex) assemblies, which are relatively new to the industry. At Mobile Defenders, we strive to educate our customers in order to help them make informed product decisions. We’ve decided to add COF assemblies to our SELECT line due to their similarities to original specifications.

COF assemblies are different than the standard Aftermarket COG (Chip on Glass) assemblies because they have an IC Chip that is bonded to the flex versus being adhered to the glass. This feature provides many benefits such as higher reliability, less damage, better heat distribution, reduced weight, and more. Below you will find a more detailed description of COF assemblies and their benefits.

Differences in Structure and Size


The IC chip is bonded to the flex


The IC chip is bonded to the flex


The IC chip is bonded to the LCD glass

*Changing the Driver IC from a glass mounting to a flex mounting frees up 1.33mm of vertical space on the LCD glass, providing a better fit and more usable viewing area. (see images for a visual representation).

The image above represents how the IC chip placement affects the size of the LCD. When the chip is mounted to the glass, the LCD viewing space is slightly smaller to make room for the chip. Mounting the chip to the flex frees up about 1.33mm of space, allowing for an LCD viewing space that is sized the same as the original.

LCD Size Differences

Since the LCD size is closer to original, this won’t provide a large difference, but it will provide a more similar fit to the original assembly versus the standard aftermarket.

Brightness Differences

The SELECT (COF) assembly is very close in brightness to the original - making it an affordable assembly that is similar to original functionality.


Our PRIME assembly includes an original LCD. Although this is our most expensive assembly for iPhone XR, it will provide your customer with quality that is the closest to OEM. For customers who want performance and reliability, this is the best option.

iPhone OLED Differences

We understand that no one knows your business the way you do. That is why we give you all of the information in order to make an informed decision. With new technology being created every day, these assemblies will only get better over time. We will continue to look for and source the best products that are available to us in order to help your business.

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