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Marketing Mondays: Instagram & Twitter

Previously, we’ve covered Building a Website, Google AdWords, Social Platforms, and Facebook Ads. This week, we’re going to talk about Instagram and Twitter. Similar to Facebook, Instagram has over one billion users worldwide that are active every single month and over 500 million users that are active every single day. Now, this doesn’t mean you NEED to drop everything you’re doing on Facebook and run to Instagram; this just means there is another platform for you to reach your target audience and prospective customers. If a majority of your customers are younger (ages 18-35), odds are they’re active on Instagram. Meaning, you should at least experiment with the platform to see if it provides any results. Regardless, creating a profile further legitimizes your business.

To create an account, you need to download the app, create an account, select the “business profile” option, and fill out your business information. When creating an Instagram business account, you can promote posts, view analytics, add information about your business, and more.

The next step is finding accounts and hashtags to follow. Here are a few examples:

  • #phonerepair
  • #phonerepairs
  • #phonerepairshop
  • #brokenphone

When following these hashtags you’re able to see what other repair businesses are doing on their social media platforms. Following these hashtags can also help provide further legitimacy to your account, and gain followers.

When creating content for Instagram, you want to make sure you’re creating simple, captivating, and eye-catching images. One of our favorite repair stores’ Instagram page is MyPhones Unlimited (see below).

When creating posts, make sure to diversify your images. Use some that have text, some without. This way, your page won’t be filled with only text-based images. MyPhones Unlimited does a great job at this. As you can see, they have several posts that talk about their current specials and deals, while their other posts are image-based and show what products they carry. When posting an image on Instagram, make sure to use hashtags. Hashtags increase your brand visibility and help you reach your target audience. For example, if you’re located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, use the hashtags #grandrapids #gr #westmichigan #grandrapidsphonerepair etc. Also, if you create your own hashtag that includes your business name or a motto, this will help you differentiate your posts from your competition. Having your own custom hashtag will also help you find user-generated content to share on your Instagram page!

Along with Instagram, Twitter is another very important platform in the digital space right now. Twitter is a place where people and brands can go to get in the “know” about current topics and trends. According to Twitter, some of the main benefits of being on the platform are:

  • Discover what’s happening right now
  • Grow your brand awareness
  • Provide timely customer service
  • Connect with potential customers, brand advocates, and influencers

Similar to our recommendations with Instagram, you should find out if your customers are actively using Twitter, otherwise, your efforts will not be as successful. If you think Twitter is the right platform for you to be focusing on, you should create a profile. This includes your Twitter handle, profile photo, bio, and header image. We recommend that all of the visual content on your social media platforms are the same designs, colors, and themes. This way, you are developing and reinforcing your brand recognition. MyPhones Unlimited does a great job with this; their Instagram and website have the same feel, look, and theme.

Next, you will start following accounts. It is recommended that you find people in your local area to follow so you can increase your awareness. When determining what to tweet, you can do a mix of your own content, user-generated content (similar to Instagram), and retweeted content from other users - typically news or tech resources.

Once you have your Instagram and Twitter accounts set up, make sure to set some time aside every day (if possible) to check messages, post engagement, and to find more ways to engage with your target audience on the platforms.

While you’re at it, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest in MD news! If you have any questions or comments about Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, feel free to tweet us!

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