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Marketing Mondays: Social Platforms

When thinking about social media for your repair business, it can be a toss-up as to which platforms to focus on and what content you should be putting out there. That’s why today we are going to explain how to determine which platforms to focus on depending on your customer demographics!

As you may know, here are the major social media platforms today:

When referring specifically to repair businesses, you are not required to focus on every platform in the book. There will be a select three to four platforms that will be your key players. Keep in mind that it is smart to post content to a number of different platforms. However, when it comes to spending money on ads (a topic that we will cover at a later time), that’s when you should focus on only one or two platforms.

Now how do you find out which platforms you should be focusing on? You need to take a look at your customers. Since that can be a pretty large segment, take a look at the demographics in your city. This information can completely revolutionize your business strategies and give you greater insight as to who these people are.

If you’re new to the area, or you’re not sure how to find your local demographics, we’re here to help! American FactFinder is a great resource for you to use when trying to learn more about the demographics in your area.

First, go to www.factfinder.census.gov.com.

Next, type in your city in the “Community Facts” search bar.

Here, you’ll find the basic demographics of the area that you chose. The top categories you’ll want to look at are Age, Business and Industry (Occupation), Income, and Language. Using this data, you’ll be able to understand the general demographics of your area.

Once you know who’s around you, you can determine what platforms to use and what messages to create. Are you in an area with more millennials? Use Facebook and Instagram. How about an area with middle-aged business professionals? Use Facebook, Google My Business, and LinkedIn. Instead of posting the same message across all social platforms, you need to go to where your audiences are!

Once you’ve determined which platforms you want to focus on, make sure you’re making any adjustments accordingly. Are you getting bigger engagement on Facebook vs. Instagram? Focus more of your time on Facebook over Instagram or consider changing your message on Instagram to get more engagement from users.

Let us know how these tips work for you. If you want any repair-specific marketing tips or topics please comment below. Keep an eye out for our blog next week where we’ll be focusing on Facebook ads!

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