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New Website Updates

Mobile Defenders is excited to announce our August website updates. We will be adding quarterly updates to the website in the months to come, all in an effort to make your shopping experience simple, fast, and easy. We've listened to the feedback we've received from you, and the Mobile Defenders team is excited to announce our new features.

Free Return Labels

We understand that every little cent counts when running a business. That's why we're now offering free shipping labels to qualifying customers. Spend $2,000 with us in the previous month and get two free labels. Just select the free label, and it will instantly download to your computer. When you make a return, accept the terms and conditions, and the system will tell you automatically if you have a free label available.

Free Shipping Labels for BSB Orders

Send in your broken screens, worry-free! Now all Broken Screen Buyback quotes that reach over $200 will receive a free shipping label so you can stop spending money on logistics. When you build a quote, the website will tell you automatically if you qualify for a free shipping label. All you need to do is accept the terms and conditions, and then download the shipping label to your computer. Then you're all set!

New BSB Interface

Know exactly what a "good" and "bad" LCD is with our new BSB interface. You can build an order, view the quote, see the visual differences between aftermarket and OEM, and more. Plus, you'll see your average fill rate on the specific parts you submit, based on your previous orders. Now you can send in quotes with confidence.

Shipping Cutoff Timer

Know exactly when shipping cutoffs are with our new cutoff timer. You'll be able to plainly see a countdown to each different cutoff at the bottom left of your screen, so you'll never have to worry about missing a cutoff again.

Smart Shipping

Not sure what shipping option is best for you? Now you can choose your shipping options based on the day that you want the package to arrive. Simply choose the date that you need your order, and our Smart Shipping system will figure out the rest!

Mini Analytics Suite

Our brand new analytics suite will show you data that matters to you. View your total spend, amount of orders, average order size, store credit balance, accepted returns rate, and more. These stats will update consistently so you'll always know exactly where you and your account stand.

Multi-Account Overview

Owners who oversee multiple stores will now be able to see statistics from all of their shops in one area. The multi-account overview displays the current cart total, last RMA, last BSB quote, and last three orders of each linked account. Eliminate login headaches and find everything all in one simple spot.

Internal Credit Transfers

Now you can transfer internal credit between accounts that are linked in the Multi-Account Overview. Managers and owners can transfer freely between the stores they manage from the Multi-Account Overview so that internal credit can go where it's needed the most.

No More Restocking Fees

Your money should go towards your store. That's why we're eliminating all restocking fees. Now you can return products without worrying about any extra fees. Start using your money towards bolstering your company, and not on logistics.