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Five Repair Store Strategies for Black Friday
Published November 23, 2020

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Black Friday is around the corner, but due to COVID-19, it will look a lot different than previous years. The inevitable shift in shopping behavior, although, isn't something new. During Black Friday 2019, online sales in the United States spiked...

Marketing Mondays: Google My Business and Yelp
Published January 18, 2019

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve covered Creating a Website, Facebook Ads, Social Platforms, Google Ads, and more. This week, we are going to talk about Google My Business, Yelp, and suggestions for responding to customer reviews. When you go to...

Marketing Mondays: Instagram & Twitter
Published January 09, 2019

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Previously, we’ve covered Building a Website, Google AdWords, Social Platforms, and Facebook Ads. This week, we’re going to talk about Instagram and Twitter. Similar to Facebook, Instagram has over one billion users worldwide that are active...

Marketing Mondays: Facebook Ads Part 3
Published December 27, 2018

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In part two of our Facebook ads series, we discussed setting up your Business Manager, Facebook Ads Manager, and Facebook Pixel accounts along with the importance of each. If you missed our last blog, make sure to read it here! These next steps...

Marketing Mondays: Facebook Ads Part 2
Published December 17, 2018

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Last week, we discussed Facebook’s powerful algorithm and the different types of Facebook ads that could help your business grow. If you haven’t seen our Part 1 of the Facebook Ads series, you can view it here. Before you start creating and...

Marketing Mondays: Facebook Ads Part 1
Published December 07, 2018

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According to Facebook, in September of 2018, there were around 1.49 billion active users on the platform daily. Since Facebook has such a large audience, that makes the platform a key player for almost every business out there. So, how does the...

Marketing Mondays: Google Ads
Published November 14, 2018

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EDIT 11/26/2018: Google has released a statement stating they have restricted Google Ads for businesses that work within the third-party repair community. The purpose of these restrictions is for Google to get a handle on "misleading or predatory...