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Tech's Choice: August

In any industry, there are tips and tricks that you pick up along the way. For the mobile repair industry, this really depends on where you are, who you talk to, and what devices you normally work on. That’s why we asked our techs for some of their favorite underappreciated tools that make everyday repairs a little bit easier.

Urian's Picks

Prime Housing Straightener Tool

When devices get dropped, their frames can bend. This has a habit of making repairs extremely difficult. That’s why Urian loves using the PrimeTech Prime Housing Straightener Tool to help make repairs a breeze.

“The PrimeTech Pime Housing Straightener Tool is a great solution for when devices are a little bent out of shape. All you have to do is put the frame in the machine with blocks to prop it up. Then you simply place another block on top and slowly apply pressure by turning the handle. Once you're done, you’ve got a frame that’s ready for whatever repair you’re working on. I’ve used this thing to combat some pretty nasty frame bending, and it’s honestly been a huge help.”

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Summer’s here, and that means that phones will be getting water damaged left and right. The Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is the perfect solution for wet phones. That’s why Urian is excited to recommend this tool.

“We’ve all had that customer who insists that rice will help dry out their phone. Well, unlike rice, the Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine actually can fix a phone that’s been water damaged. Just fill it with Ultrasonic Solution, put the board into the machine, turn it on, and walk away. It’s as simple as that. Plus this machine pays for itself in one or two repairs.”

Mike's Picks

Metal Spudger Tool

Sometimes a repair calls for small, sturdy tools. The Metal Spudger Tool is perfect for all of those repairs on small, finicky parts. That’s why Mike highly recommends this simple tool.

“The Metal Spudger Tool is useful when you need a fine, rigid tool, and is great when other options are just too big or improperly-shaped. I love sliding these around under flex cables and wedging them into tight spaces that larger tools otherwise couldn’t get to."

Black Nylon Plastic Pry

Sometimes metal tools can be too harsh for delicate repairs. When that happens, the Black Nylon Plastic Pry is a great solution. Mike loves using this tool for repairs that need gentle precision.

“The Black Nylon Plastic Pry is excellent for delicate areas like under iPad Air 5 and 6 LCDs and in other places that call for a soft, non-conductive, non-abrasive tool. I find that it’s particularly useful for working behind OLED panels, since there’s no danger of scraping the surface.”

Check back next time for more great technician-approved tools!

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