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Three Tips to Grow Your Repair Shop During Slower Times

As a number of factors continue to push against the economy, normal consumers are finding it more difficult to find extra money. This has begun to affect many industries, and the device repair industry has unfortunately not been immune to it. While it may be discouraging not to see the foot traffic your store is used to, that doesn’t mean that you’re completely out of options to grow your business. Let’s go over three things that you can do to push through the slower times.

1. Market More Approachable Options

With inflation on the rise, a person’s hard earned dollar is more precious than ever. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need their phones fixed, it’s only an obstacle. Many potential customers are likely to just live with a broken screen or camera until the extra money is a little easier to come by. But, if you’re able to offer a competitive price point, they could be more likely to be persuaded to get that repair now. Our CHOICE or INCELL lines could be just the thing you need to push a sale over the line. While they are a more affordable option, we still stand behind the quality of these products one-hundred percent.
Another thing to consider is accesories. With little extra money to spend, it’s important to customers to protect the things that they already have instead of purchasing new devices. This is where great cases, chargers, and other accessories can come into play. Keeping phones from breaking in the first place could be a great marketing tool in order to turn over accessories.

In a recent RepairTalk TV episode, Travis details how to use accessories to drive sales.

2. Business to Business Sales

Another great way to increase your sales is to look at customer bases that you may not have considered before: other local businesses in your area. We live in a society where nearly every business has some dependency on technology in one way or another. Examples of this would be hospitals utilizing iPads, carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS and Amazon all tracking deliveries with hand held devices, or even local video game retailers purchasing older gaming consoles for resale.

In a recent episode of RepairTalk TV, Eyad spoke about how you can reach out and partner with businesses in your area. You can watch it here to get an understanding of where to start:

3. Partnering With Schools

Finally, the pandemic has shifted the landscape of education in a drastic way. One of those shifts was forcing schools into remote learning. In order to do that, many schools had to bolster their technology resources to get devices in the hands of every student, otherwise referred to going one-to-one (often abbreviated to 1:1). Now that practically every school district in the United States is 1:1 with its students, that opens up a great opportunity for a repair shop to reach out and see if the schools in their area are in need of help repairing these devices. This could mean huge repair queues of Chromebooks, MacBooks, iPads and more. If you’re interested in this, but aren’t all that familiar with repairing Chromebooks, no need to worry. eduPARTS has a library of repair guides that can help you navigate these repairs and an article on how to connect with schools in your area.

We recently had Daniel from eduPARTS on RepairTalk TV on to talk about how to partner with schools to make extra revenue. You can watch the full video here:

These are only a few different ways that you can continue to be successful even during slower times. Try out different things and get creative with your marketing efforts. Offer specials deals or create interesting marketing campaigns to catch the attention of your customers. We can’t wait to see what you do. Don’t forget to share what worked, what didn’t, and even throw a few ideas in the Repair Talk Facebook Group to brainstorm what to do next.

The Repair Talk Facebook Group is a community of fixers, makers, and entrepreneurs sharing tips, tricks, successes, failures, and ways to grow in the wireless repair industry.