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Top 5 Tools Phone Repair Techs Can't Live Without

You know the feeling you get when you absolutely nail a tough repair? The one when you crush a difficult job and the customer leaves with a giant smile on their face? That feeling is one of the best parts about being a repair tech. Not only is your customer happy, but tackling a difficult Samsung, Motorola, or glass-only repair can make your week!

You showed that iPhone 7 proximity sensor flex (that is so soft that it tears if you even look at it funny) who's boss! iPad home button solder? Boom. No matter how easy or difficult the repair, it is imperative that you have the right tools in stock to help you complete every job like a boss.

We’ve been hitting the phones recently, surveying technicians about their favorite tools and why they love them, and we’ve compiled a list of the top five tools that techs can’t live without. Here is what we learned:

Plastic Spudger Tool

This little guy is a staple of every repair shop’s arsenal, and a hands-down favorite with techs all over the country. It’s a simple design, nothing extravagant, ground breaking, or flashy, but indispensable in almost every type of repair from laptops to PC’s to game consoles, drones, and (definitely) devices.

The flat end is perfect for lifting up flex connectors, removing thermal paste, and extra adhesive. The spudger is even useful in soldering, while the pointed end is ideal for getting under tiny ribbon cables, connecting/disconnecting itty bitty connector pads, and holding/poking whatever little odd and end needs to be held or poked.

The soft plastic is gentler on components (less scratches, tears, and cuts) than it’s cousin the metal spudger, and non-conductive. There is even a little notch cut into the flat side for hooking wires. Across the board, this tool is a must have for any workstation, no matter what kind of repairs you’re doing.

Temperature Sensitive 110v Heat Pad

Preferred over the standard heat gun almost 8 to 1, these heat pads are designed to evenly heat devices and tablets to a specific set temperature, as opposed to the uneven blast of a heat gun.

Heat is another crucial component to device repair, required to soften adhesives, seat components, flex brittle cables, and separate glass. Repair techs love the pad because it will heat to exact temperature easily and evenly, without the need for a temperature reader, and frees up both hands as you won’t be constantly moving the device to maintain temperature.

There is also less risk of board damage and LCD burn with a pad, as it will heat to an exact degree without one, big, hot, concentrated blast that disperses outward.

Reliable Drivers

Any experienced technician identifies with their toolkit. It’s an extension of them. While brand and style vary from tech to tech, whether it be interchangeable, standard, torque, or hand size, it is unanimous that excellent repairs can’t be done without a reliable driver set.

While some techs prefer a variety of different one-piece drivers, others prefer a heavy-duty driver with interchangeable bits. Hefty, light weight, short, long, extendable, whatever fits your hands comfortably and can accommodate repairs determines the driver set that is right for you. Chrome-coated bits provide maximum strength and wearability, so you can count on your driver, time after time.


You may know the iSesamo already, and recognize it as the go-to name (and design) in opening iPhone screens since the product was launched. What about all of the other jobs that require a tool with just the right amount of bend, force, flex, and lifting capability?

While no tool kit is complete without the trusty iSesamo, it’s the iFlex that techs can’t seem to live without. As a natural extension of iSesamo’s design, the iFlex is perfect for devices, laptops, tablets, and especially ultra-slim screen designs.

The grippy handle placement is perfect for maximum control, and the contoured tip and super-flexible material can get you into even the tightest of spaces without damaging the LCD or glass. Especially if your shop repairs more than just iPhone, iFlex is a fan favorite that is indispensable in repairs.

Tesa Tape

While the brand of the driver sets varied per technician, and there isn’t another design out there comparable to iFlex for opening devices, one brand name stood out among the techs that we surveyed about their favorite adhesive, and that was Tesa.

Over the industry standard red tape, Tesa proved superior to other brands in stickiness, adhesion, durability, and extremely thin form factor, which is why so many in the business ask for it by name.

Be it a tablet, laptop, device, or game console, adhesive is a necessity, and since this stuff hit the market, it has been making big waves in the repair community. Compared to red tape, you can feel the difference in tack with a simple touch. It’s been making big splashes in repair forums and subreddits, and is the go-to adhesive for to get the job done right.

Tech's Choice: May

Technicians across the country have spoken! From device repair novices, to the most wizardly of techs, these are the top five tools for your project arsenal. Nail those perfect repairs, keep your customers coming back smiling (and recommending you to all of their friends) again and again with the tools on this list.

Stay tuned for new products, features, and reviews here on our blog! Don't forget to find us on social media to share your favorite tech tools, too!