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Industry Update: COVID Lockdowns Lifted in China

Update: 3/21/2022

Lockdowns in Shenzhen and Dongguan, China, have been lifted after a week of COVID-related closures. This was part of China's zero-tolerance policy to lessen the spread of the virus. The electronics market and many mobile repair part factories have reopened and will begin shipping. At this time, shipping delays are expected from our Mobile Defenders China office to our global headquarters in Michigan due to demand after the lockdown. We will continue to provide updates as these stabilize internationally. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to continue to provide you with the parts you need for your repair business.

Stay tuned for updates.

Update: 3/17/2022

As of Monday, March 14, China has seen a number of COVID-related lockdowns that are likely to have an effect on the supply of mobile phone repair parts. As of now, the lockdowns are set to end March 21, but many experts believe that it will be extended past that end date. The main areas affected by the current lockdowns are Dongguan (an area with a large production of aftermarket batteries and screens) and Shenzhen (the area with the largest offering of phone device parts).

What will this mean for you?

Currently, it’s difficult to predict what kinds of delays we may see due to the nature of the issue. If these closures continue, supply issues could occur across the industry. While we are unsure if lockdowns will be extended, and for how long they may last, we are dedicated to lessening the impact on our customers.

In Shenzhen, travel has been restricted on an essential-only basis and daily tests are being administered to evaluate how long the lockdown will need to be in effect. Even after the lockdowns are over, shipping time is likely to increase due to the backlog of demand that is growing during the closures.

While COVID makes it difficult for us to control everything, we’re committed to doing everything we can to continue supporting your business. We’ll be updating you as the situation evolves, working with our partners in China to weather this storm together.