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Never miss shipping cutoff again.

Whether you’re a one-person shop or managing multiple locations at once, Cart Autosettle allows you to easily place your stock orders without missing a beat.

Save time by building your order throughout the day by adding items to your cart. Then, at your chosen settlement time, your cart will process as an order automatically.

The best part? Items added to your cart throughout the day are automatically reserved. That means you no longer have to worry about out-of-stock surprises when your order is being placed.

Here’s how to set your account up for this time-saving program:

Step 1:

Talk to your Mobile Defenders Representative to gain access to the Cart Autosettle interface.

Step 2:

Log in to your account to visit your account dashboard.

Step 3:

Sign up for Cart Autosettle by agreeing to the terms listed.

Step 4:

Fill out the form by specifying the day(s) and time(s) you would like your orders to be placed.

Step 5:

Make sure your address and payment information are correct.

Step 6:

Enter your cell phone number or email address to receive a notification 30 minutes before your order is automatically placed.

Get started with Cart Autosettle

Once your account is ready, all you have to do is build your cart throughout the day, then sit back while your order settles automatically.

As a busy repair shop owner or manager, your time is valuable. Placing part orders shouldn’t take you hours, and now they won’t have to.

To get started, give your representative a call, or fill out this form to have someone contact you.