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Why Fly DJI?

DJI - The Future Of Possible

DJI is the world leader in drone manufacturing and innovation. They continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with each and every day while still focusing on ease-of-use for their many customers. That’s why Mobile Defenders paired up with DJI in order to offer you the best possible drones and drone parts on the market. Drones and phones are incredibly similar when it comes to repair, and are a source of untapped revenue for many repair stores.

Below are just a few qualities of DJI —

Continued Excellence

DJI is dedicated to its brand and user experiences. For this reason, they work closely with dealers to provide education and access to parts that will make their drones perform precisely as intended.

User Fueled and Focused

DJI works hard to make complex devices that can be operated with little to no prior drone experience. They listen to the community’s feedback on their forums in order to make sure that customers and stores receive the best possible products.


DJI Drones are used in a variety of industries every day. From farming and surveying to videography and research, DJI drones are allowing professionals to push to new heights daily. Industries are constantly finding more uses for drones.

Why DJI Drones are Right for You

DJI Drones offer a new source of revenue for repair stores, and require minimal training to fix. If you’re already familiar with phones, repairing a drone will come as second nature to you. Plus, with the support that DJI offers to authorized stores, resources are always close by.
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