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Take your repair business to the next level in 2021 with our free Guide to Repair Shop Marketing.

Your Guide to Repair Shop Marketing

Looking to increase sales this year? This free ebook is loaded with great tips that you can easily implement in 2021. This guide is perfect for:

  • New locations opening soon or have opened in the last year
  • Stores that are looking to expand to more locations in 2021
  • Repair shops that are simply looking to better understand marketing best practices

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What’s Inside?

Take a look at each chapter of this ebook to find what you will learn from each of them.

Chapter 1

Your Brand

Your brand is so much more than a logo–it’s the personality of your business. It’s what shapes your customers’ perception of your company. This chapter teaches you how to define your brand and how to keep it consistent.

Chapter 2

Your Store

Science shows that the longer you spend in a retail location, the more money you spend. Learn how to create a storefront that your customers won’t want to leave.

Chapter 3

Your Website

You’ve probably heard it said before that your website is your storefront that is open for business for your customers 24/7. This chapter includes some tips on how to create a great first impression with a solid website.

Chapter 4

Your Social Media Accounts

We are living in a digital age, and your customers will without a doubt spend loads of time on social media platforms in 2021. This section covers how to choose the best social media platforms to focus on, and also takes a deeper dive into some of the top websites.

Chapter 5

Your Marketing Efforts

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to structure a marketing campaign, as well as read about examples of marketing efforts that fall under each of the four types of marketing goals: Brand Awareness, Brand Consideration, Sales, and Customer Retention & Referrals.

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