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Mobile Defenders is the first authorized distributor of OEM Motorola parts. This incredible partnership will change the way you perform Motorola repairs, and bring your customers a new level of reliability.

Why did Mobile Defenders partner with Motorola?

We want to bring you the highest quality parts straight from the source. Now you can repair phones with the same parts that they were made with.

What does this mean for my business?

Mobile Defenders now stocks Authorized OEM Motorola parts and these parts have proven reliability.

What does this mean for my customers?

Authorized OEM Motorola replacement parts perform just like intended. Screens are bright and vibrant, and all other parts function just how they do on a new Motorola phone.

How will this affect pricing?

Prices on Motorola Authorized OEM parts may be slightly different than the prices you see on aftermarket parts due to the increased reliability of our pieces.

Will I need to get approved to buy these parts?

No approval is necessary. Mobile Defenders is providing access of Motorola Authorized OEM parts to the North American repair industry.

What else should I know about OEM Motorola?

Authorized OEM Motorola replacement parts are available at Mobile Defenders. Click here to read a letter from Motorola regarding this partnership.

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