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Mobile Defenders Basic Tool Kit (MD Branded)


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Quick Overview


This is the Mobile Defenders Basic Tool Kit (MD Branded). Use this kit for all of your repair needs.


This tool kit includes the following items:

  • One 4mm magnetized bit driver with red annodized handle and palm spinner with knurled grip and laser etched "Mobile Defenders" logo
  • One 4mm bit extension and torque shaft
  • One ESD-safe round nose tweezer with "Mobile Defenders" logo
  • One narrow plastic pry tool
  • One wide plastic pry tool
  • One triangular pick puck tool
  • One 6mm driver adapter for 4mm bits
  • Two 0.8mm pentalobe (iPhone) bits
  • One 1.2mm pentalobe (macbook) bit
  • One 1.5mm pentalobe (macbook) bit
  • One JIS000 bit
  • One JIS00 bit
  • One Y000 bit (iPhone 7/7 Plus)
  • One Y00 bit
  • One Y0 bit
  • One 1.5mm flat bit
  • One 2.0mm flat bit
  • One 2.5mm flat bit
  • One Phillips000 bit
  • One Phillips00 bit
  • One Phillips0 bit
  • One Phillips1 bit
  • One Phillips2 bit
  • One 0.8mm push pin bit (SIM tray tool)
  • One T4 bit
  • One T5 bit
  • One security T6 bit
  • One security T8 bit
  • One security T10 bit
  • One 3.0mm triangular bit
  • One 2" suction cup with pull ring
  • All parts contained in three-piece hinged case with positioning tray and clear front with printed "Modile Defenders" logo
  • Warranty

    Mobile Defenders stands by the quality of its products by offering a 90 Day Warranty on this item. Please see our full warranty and returns policy here for details.