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A Mobile Defenders Original Series

Ever wonder what’s the secret to success in this industry? Join us every month for high-level conversations with members of the repair industry who have achieved massive growth in specialized areas. Learn best practices and success stories surrounding themes like scaling up, selling pre-owned devices, managing employees, and more.

Hosted by Frank Schweizer, Video Producer for Mobile Defenders.

RepairTalk TV: Episode 2

In uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to build a sturdy foundation. In Episode 2, Eric Madden explains how to build a strong retail repair business model to widen the path to success.

RepairTalk TV: Episode 1

For our first episode, we’re going to cover the impact that the coronavirus outbreak in China has on the mobile phone repair industry.

RepairTalk TV: Trailer

RepairTalk TV, a monthly video series tailor-made for the smartphone repair industry professional. Learn tips and success stories from other members of the industry who have seen massive success.

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