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Automate Your


Looking for an all-in-one platform for your business? Look no further than RepairShopr.

We’re dedicated to saving you time. That’s why we’ve integrated with this powerful, customizable service that is focused on helping you automate as many tasks as possible for your device repair business.

Here are some of its cool features —

Powerful CRM

All the necessities and none of the nonsense. With automated email communication, customer maps, and even a customer portal, you’ll never miss an upsell opportunity again!

Tons of Integrations

When we say “all-in-one”, we mean it! Repairshopr can be integrated with a wide variety of other services for your business. Get started by checking out their impressive 'App Center' here.

Customization & Versatility

This software moves and grows with your business. You can easily customize forms, systems, and workflows to your heart’s content. It really doesn't matter what you're repairing!

Why Repairshopr is the right solution for you

This powerful platform goes beyond your average inventory management and POS software by putting extra focus on customer management and marketing.

No matter where your business is headed, RepairShopr’s versatility allows you to create an experience specifically designed for YOUR needs. With a variety of integrations, services, and pricing options, a repair business of any size can find a perfect fit with RepairShopr.

Integrate with Mobile Defenders

Already using RepairShopr? Click here to setup the Mobile Defenders catalog!
Looking for RepairShopr support? Please contact [email protected], or visit their knowledge base here.