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Returns and


How to make a return

Mobile Defenders is a customer-first organization. We strive to be your supplier of choice and partner in business. Our hassle-free and simple to understand returns process is designed to do just that!
Read below to learn more:

Step 1


Log in to the same account that you used to purchase the item. Navigate to the Product Returns page.

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Step 2

Create an RMA Form

Click "Product Returns" on the left side of your customer dashboard, then press "Create a Return". Follow the steps indicated on this page to build your RMA.

Step 3

Send your Product

Print your RMA form and include it in the box. We will send you an email when your returns have been processed!


General Returns Policy

The Mobile Defenders Warranty

Mobile Defenders’ quality assurance initiatives include our warranty, in addition to international and domestic inspection processes, ISO 9001:2015 certified testing procedures, and a commitment towards further investment in raising quality standards industry-wide! Still, with delicate electronic components (and various shipping stages) - part defects are an unfortunate reality. Luckily, we’re here to take the “headache” out of the returns process by being with you every part of the way.

Returns Documentation (Electronic and Print) Requirements

Unfortunately, if an item is shipped to Mobile Defenders without paperwork, processing will be delayed significantly. Though our team members will make every attempt to identify mystery shipments, we can not guarantee their successful processing. These items go into our “status pending - more information needed” queue and are recycled after 30 days (if ownership can not be uncovered).

Warranty Information
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Warranty Information
Returns FAQ