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Wireless Refresh Pre-Owned Devices

Powered by Mobile Defenders

At Mobile Defenders, we work relentlessly to provide partners like you with the highest quality solutions for all of your needs.

That’s why we’re happy to partner with our new company, Wireless Refresh, in order to offer you certified pre-owned devices. By focusing on availability, specialized processes, and quality, Wireless Refresh eliminates the largest difficulties that stores experience when purchasing pre-owned devices.

Consistent Availability

Wireless Refresh has a dedicated facility that allows for a larger selection and stock of devices than Mobile Defenders could maintain. This means that we will be able to consistently provide a wide variety of the brands, models, and quantities that your store needs for a premiere pre-owned device program.

Specialized Processes

Mobile Defenders specializes in parts, while Wireless Refresh concentrates solely on devices. All of their processes, from ERP to shipping, is tailored around devices. Their advanced infrastructure and team of device specialists are ready to help propel your device program forward.

Guaranteed Quality

Wireless Refresh takes device grading to a whole new level. With one of the most detailed and thorough grading scales in the industry, you’re sure to know exactly what you’re buying every time. Plus every one of Wireless Refresh’s devices is subjected to rigorous testing before they ship it out, just to be sure that each device is top quality.

By working with Wireless Refresh, Mobile Defenders can now offer you the best in pre-owned devices at the lowest possible prices. Take a look at our new product offerings from Wireless Refresh today to find a solution for your device needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will this integration affect my device ordering experience?

Along with a larger variety of devices and more consistent stock, devices will be shipped from Wireless Refresh’s facility in a separate package.

What kind of shipping can I expect from Wireless Refresh?

All Wireless Refresh orders placed before 5pm EST are shipped same-day from their warehouse location via FedEx Ground shipping for a flat rate of $8. This cost is waived on device orders of $600 or more (which is about 3 or 4 devices). Please see the below map for ground shipping transit times:

If you need your devices sooner, Wireless Refresh offers FedEx Standard Overnight shipping for a flat rate of $30. This shipping cost is waived on device orders of $3000 or more.

What else can we expect from Wireless Refresh in the future?

Some exciting new programs are in the works, such as device buyback, extended warranties, later cut-off times, and much more! Stay tuned!

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