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Become a WISE Certified


Did you know that the average person checks their smartphone every 12 minutes of the waking day? This means that when they accidentally crack their screen, it's a big deal.

Join the 4800+ technicians that are Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) certified. This provides an added level of customer confidence that their phone will be repaired by a technician who was trained to meet industry requirements. .

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The WISE Level 1 Technician Exam includes:

Common Smartphone Features and Characteristics

Safety Best Practices

Guidance for Handling Lithium Ion Batteries

Anatomy of a Smartphone

Diagnosis and Triage Process

And More

This certification was built by wireless carriers, device manufacturers, insurance companies, and leaders in reverse logistics to create a standard for the industry. Get your employees certified and increase your store's credibility in the industry with this certification. ​

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