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Mobile Defenders Makes it Simple!

Mobile Defenders wants to buy your broken screens! We pay competitive prices for a variety of broken screens. Sell your broken or unwanted screens to us for in-store credit or PayPal. All broken screens sent to Mobile Defenders must have a batch number and batch documentation for your shipment. Batch number must be labeled clearly on the box or shipping label, or the package may be returned to sender. All screens will be tested by Mobile Defenders upon arrival to verify working LCD and Digitizer. Those found defective will be recycled unless otherwise stated by seller.

Mobile Defenders Makes it Quick!

Step 1

Create a Broken Screen Quote Online

This will give you an estimate of the maximum credit you can receive back.

Step 2

Pack up your screens and send them in

Pack your screens well! Please print the email confirmation we send and put it in the box with the screens. This will ensure we know who to give credit to!

Step 3

Wait 7-10 business days for a credit to your account.

Once we receive your screens, we will update your account credit. It is possible that some of the screens were denied, and you will not get credit for those.

Broken Screen Pricing Table

This is a list of the current prices we offer for broken screens.
Please note that the LCD must be in working condition for us to accept the screen. Thank you!

* Working condition: fully functional display and touch. No burns or dots in LCD. Touch function fully working.

Model Grade Store Credit Paypal
iPad Air 2 Original LCD $32.00 $19.20
iPhone 5 Original LCD $1.50 $0.90
iPhone 5C Original LCD $0.25 $0.15
iPhone 5S Original LCD $1.50 $0.90
iPhone 6 (4.7") Original LCD $5.00 $3.00
iPhone 6 Plus (5.5") Original LCD $9.00 $5.40
iPhone 6S (4.7") Original LCD $8.50 $5.10
iPhone 6S Plus (5.5") Original LCD $14.50 $8.70
iPhone 7 (4.7") Original LCD $19.00 $11.40
iPhone 7 Plus (5.5") Original LCD $24.00 $14.40
Galaxy Note 3 Original LCD $27.00 $16.20
Galaxy Note 4 Original LCD $32.00 $19.20
Galaxy Note 5 Original LCD $36.00 $21.60
Galaxy Note Edge Original LCD $32.00 $19.20
Galaxy S3 Original LCD $4.00 $2.40
Galaxy S4 Original LCD $8.00 $4.80
Galaxy S5 Original LCD $24.00 $14.40
Galaxy S6 Original LCD $38.50 $23.10
Galaxy S6 Edge Original LCD $30.50 $18.30
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Original LCD 28.00 $16.80
Galaxy S7 Original LCD $38.50 $23.10
Galaxy S7 Edge Original LCD $36.00 $21.60
Galaxy S8 Original LCD $52.00 $31.20