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Our Screen Lines


Do you love last year’s Select? Great news! It’s now our Basic line. We’ve upgraded our old Basic line to reflect all of the great features that our Select used to have. Now you can look forward to an updated ESR backlight, 360 polarization, and more, all still at the same great price point that Basic is known for!

Grab this amazing value and experience features like:

  • Updated ESR backlight

  • 360 Polarization

  • Same great low price


Our Select line is continuously evolving with the latest technology. Our displays are now designed to include a high efficiency ESR backlight, which uses 20% less battery than our old model. Plus Select now features Real 3D Touch so your customers can experience OEM-level performance. Our new Select is still custom curated in our factories, too, so you know you can rely on our closed supply chain for high-quality parts.

Now this groundbreaking product is better than ever with features like:

  • High efficiency ESR backlight

  • Real 3D Touch

  • Increased power efficiency

  • Industry-leading color gamut


Express is your solution for whenever you need to complete repairs quickly and efficiently. These screens have the same specifications as our custom curated Selects, but they also come with small parts preinstalled. Plus, unlike our competitors, our small parts are 100% hand tested to ensure that you don’t encounter any snags during your repair process. Stock up on Express to save on time and labor expenses.

Our Express line includes all of the great features of our Select line, plus:

  • 100% hand tested small parts preinstalled

  • High efficiency ESR backlight

  • Real 3D Touch

  • Increased power efficiency

  • Cuts repair time in half


Our brand new Advanced screens feature cutting-edge In-Cell technology for an outstanding display. This In-Cell technology means that customers can experience more accurate touch functioning, in addition to a backlight that meets OEM brightness. Color fidelity is excellent with these displays, which also feature a smooth frame that slides in for a tight fit. The Advanced screen line is the perfect option for customers who want stellar quality and optimal performance.

Our Advanced line is a premium solution for picky customers and comes with features like:

  • New In-Cell technology

  • Meets OEM brightness

  • Sleek, smooth-fitting frame

  • Outstanding user experience


Our Prime screens are the industry leading OEM refurbished assembly. These feature OEM-refurbished displays and touch functionality so that you customers are sure to experience the exact quality that their phone had when they first purchased it. Our Prime screens have also historically been resistant to iOS updates which saves you time and prevents headaches.

Each OEM-refurbished display features:

  • Original functionality

  • Original IC

  • Original flex cables

  • High-efficiency display

  • Historical resistance to iOS updates


Every one of our screen lines is made with you in mind, so that you will always be able to find the perfect part for any customer. We source our parts directly so that you know you can rely on Mobile Defenders every time.

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