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2021 Holiday Gift Guide - What to Stock In Your Lobby

The holiday season is in full swing and as people are out shopping for their friends and family, it’s the perfect opportunity to push products that they can buy as Christmas gifts! Here’s what to display in your front-of house this holiday season:


Having a variety of cases available can increase your bottom line significantly over the holiday season. We suggest displaying cases across various manufacturers and models on your accessory wall. Having multiple colors, weights, and patterns provides an option for any type of customer.

When a customer is in the market for a new phone case, It’s important to ask questions to understand what their daily life looks like. This will help you tailor a case suggestion to fit their needs. For more active people, a heavy-duty case makes the most sense. Those that work from home may prefer a light-weight case that is easy to slip in and out of their pocket. For customers that have the new, exclusive phone color will likely want a clear case that will showcase that choice, while also keeping it safe.

Tempered Glass

A tempered glass screen protector is the perfect gift for that one friend that just keeps cracking their screen. Not only that, we’ve just introduced new tempered glass from Ocushield and InvisibleShield. These can be great talking points, as Ocushield was created by optometrists to filter blue light from a phone’s screen, and InvisibleShield has a number of products ranging from antimicrobial glass to on-screen fingerprint compatibility and more!

This fits perfectly in a stocking, or curated into a gift basket with other tech.

Power Accessories

Charging cables are easily lost or left somewhere, so stocking these can be a huge hit during the holiday season. We carry a number of options such as wireless chargers, car charges, and even portable chargers like the Mophie Power Station for people on the go!

Gift Cards

Keep gift cards displayed at your register, so they can easily be added to an order. Gift cards are a great way to bring new customers into your store, even if they don’t have repair needs. If your customer wants to get someone a new case, but isn’t sure what style is right for them, a gift card can fix that. Does a customer not have time to look around? A gift card can fix that, too.

Selling Tips

You have all of this great product in your shop, but how do you sell it? Talk tracks provide an opportunity to make a huge impact on your sales, especially considering everyone is looking for gifts right now. If you aren’t familiar with talk tracks, you can read our blog with our top tips. Here are some examples you could use in conversation:

“We’re glad we could help you! While you’re here, are you looking for any stocking stuffers?”

“Oh yeah, _______ is an awesome product. What makes it unique is _________.”

“Oh yeah, Ocushield is an awesome product. What makes it unique is that it blocks blue light from your phone screen. It was even developed by optometrists.”

“I can fix that for you in just a few minutes. While you wait, we do have some great Christmas gift ideas along the wall here!”