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[MD Master Class] Samsung Galaxy S7
Published February 24, 2017

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Mobile Defenders is dedicated to bringing our customers not only quality parts, but valuable information that they can use to develop their businesses. From marketing tips to industry updates to showcasing ways to maximize profits through upselling,...

[NEW FEATURE] In-Stock Notification
Published February 14, 2017

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Did you run across the special new feature on our website? If not, get ready for the next best thing to grace your inbox.We are dedicated to time-saving solutions for our customers, and because of this, we now have a streamlined process that will...

How to Grow Your Business with Chromebook Repair
Published February 08, 2017

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You may have noticed that we now carry Chromebook replacement parts and components. You also may have noticed that we’re geeked about them, and our account representatives have been hitting the phones to spread the word. If customers haven't been...

The Power of the Upsell
Published February 03, 2017

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Written by Regional Sales Manager Eric MaddenI've heard it time and time again from cell phone repair store owners in every corner of the country. "Eric, I'm 100% focused on repair, and I can't wrap my head around offering anything else". The truth...
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