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How to Choose the Perfect Product for Your Market

Replacement screens for iPhones arranged on a table. High-quality replacement parts available at Mobile Defenders.

When your customer walks into your shop looking for a repair, they’re relying on you, as the expert, to provide them with a solution that will have them leaving your store a happy camper. You have the opportunity to not only turn their whole day around, but also delight them to the point that they want to leave you a 5-star review and tell all their friends about your services.

It can be difficult to navigate all of the display assembly options, especially for iPhones, to find the best balance of quality and price for your customer base. Do you ever wish you could choose which components you want to pay for, and which aren’t as important? How do you know for sure which options are ideal for your market?

If you’re looking to build the perfect iPhone screen solution for your market, here are six questions to think about:

How often does your typical customer use their phone?

It’s 2019, and pretty much anyone that walks into your shop is going to be using their device on a daily basis. We all rely so heavily on our phones, it’s hard to imagine having one out of commission, even for just a few hours. It’s important to gauge how often and for how long your customers are using their devices so that you know what kind of LCD or OLED to choose. A cheaper, standard aftermarket LCD would be a better fit for someone that doesn’t use their phone religiously, as they’re not likely to notice a difference between their original screen and the replacement.

How long does your typical customer hold on to their phone?

How often does your customer upgrade their device? This will help you understand not only when is the best time to upsell one of the pre-owned devices you have in stock, but also which type of LCD or OLED to choose. A premium aftermarket LCD/OLED, or an OEM refurbished LCD/OLED, are designed to last much longer than standard displays.

What does your typical customer use their phone for?

If you’re in a market where users are constantly on Instagram, Facebook, or playing games on their devices, you will want to look more into High Chroma/Wide Color Gamut backlights over the standard quality backlights. These provide a much more accurate color output so that your customer doesn’t have to take a second look at their photos or Instagram filters. Additionally, you’ll want to err on the side of higher quality LCDs/OLEDs, which consume less device power and keep the battery lasting longer.

Do your customers value the speed of service over price or quality?

If you’re in a very on-the-go market and are offering express repairs, you might prefer display assemblies that have some of the components pre-installed, such as backplates and front cameras and ear speakers. Some of these simply come down to tech preference, but buying replacement parts that have these features pre-installed can save your tech a lot of time when they’re slammed with repairs and want to get their customers taken care of right away.

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Do you have customers that are extra clumsy?

If you’re in a market where a lot of your customers are “repeat offenders”--meaning they are constantly breaking and re-breaking their devices--you might look more into the Soft OLEDs over the Hard OLEDs. Although the Hard OLEDs are cheaper, they contain a glass substrate, making them more susceptible to breakage. Choose Soft OLEDs and let your customers know that this will be a sound investment for their lifestyle.

Are you in a super competitive market where quality isn’t much of a factor?

If you have customers that are simply looking for the lowest price, or that will be trading in their device soon anyway, the cheapest options will be standard LCDs, standard backlights, and, if the repair is for an OLED device, the LCD options. Although these options would require your front-of-house staff to fully explain to the customer that they will be sacrificing performance, or in the case of using an LCD for an OLED device, using technology that the phone isn’t designed to use, they can save your customer some money and help you stay competitive. Make sure to exercise caution when dealing with customers looking for bottom-of-the-barrel pricing, though, because they’re the most likely to come back with issues or complaints to try to squeeze out even MORE money. Don’t worry; the longer you repair in your market, the easier it will be to catch these types of customers.

Now that you have a better idea of which options would work best in your market, it’s time to build that perfect product. Mobile Defenders has launched a screen line quiz that allows you to set your preferences, so that every product is pre-configured with your ideal screen build.

Remember, YOU know your market better than anyone else. Now you have the tools to create the ideal screen replacement that will delight your technicians, your customers, and even your pocketbook.

Click here to demo this new feature on our website. Click here to take our screen line quiz to build your perfect product!

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