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iPhone 13 Compatibility - What to Expect When Repairing

iPhone 13 Compatibility - What to Expect When RepairingThe iPhone 13 series is officially on the market, meaning it’s only a matter of time before customers are entering your repair shop asking for a fix, if they haven’t yet. While we all have our opinions about the latest addition to the iPhone family and the restrictions the industry is facing in the third-party repair sector, it’s important to know what to expect before opening one of these devices.

Keep reading to get the answers to all your burning questions.

Are any iPhone 13 series parts compatible with other models?

Currently, most components in each iPhone 13 (Mini through Max), are unique and do not share parts with other 13 models. We have found that the rear camera assembly in the iPhone 13 Pro is indeed identical to the rear camera in the 13 Pro Max, and the same is true between the 13 Mini and regular iPhone 13. However, it is important to note that Pro and non-Pro cameras are not the same and will not be cross compatible. Once replacement cameras are available for purchase, you will likely see them described as “iPhone 13 Mini / 13 Rear Camera” and “iPhone 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max Rear Camera”.

As of 10-21-2021, this is this is the compatibility we’ve seen across the iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Part Compatibility Chart

What happens when I exchange parts within the same iPhone 13 model?

While same-model part exchanges do function, they come with their own set of complications. Almost every swap you make between the same model will be met with an error message that alerts the user that it isn’t a “genuine” part.

While that is merely an annoyance, there are parts that will retain only partial functionality. As our Product Quality Technician, Luke Nowland, mentioned on our recent iPhone 13 RepairTalk Live episode on YouTube, the display will boot, but without Face ID, true tone, and auto brightness features. It will also read that same error message about not being a “genuine” part.

Everything is still new

The iPhone 13 has not been in customer hands for very long, so new aftermarket technology may hit the market that avoids these functionality issues. Mobile Defenders will be keeping a close eye on the iPhone 13 series as repair issues continue to develop. Make sure to join us for our bi-weekly live streams on YouTube, as Luke answers your questions, and even test issues, in real time. See you then!

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