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Tech's Choice: May

Tech’s Choice: Our Favorite Tools

In any industry, there are tips and tricks that you pick up along the way. For the mobile repair industry, this really depends on where you are, who you talk to, and what devices you normally work on. That’s why we asked our techs for some of their favorite underappreciated tools that make everyday repairs a little bit easier.

Urian’s Picks

iFlex Opening Tool

The iFlex Opening Tool is a safe and easy way to open devices. It’s one of Urian’s new favorite tools.

“I found out about the iFlex Opening Tool pretty recently, and since then, it’s the only tool I use when opening Samsung devices. It’s firm enough to get under the screen, and sturdy enough to stand up to repeated use without getting damaged. Since the iFlex Opening Tool has a handle, unlike guitar picks, I find it easier to maneuver when trying to open up a device.”

The Best Tool

Urian loves the aptly named Best Tool for more than just the obvious reasons.

“I love using the Best Tool for scraping adhesive off of the inside of devices, particularly for iPads, Motorola, and LG devices. It’s hard to get in there without damaging anything if you use a lot of conventional scraping tools. The Best Tool gives me more leverage than when I use traditional razors, which makes scraping go much faster. Honestly, at just a dollar per Best Tool, I think everyone should have one.”

Mike’s Picks


When it comes to annoying but simple repairs, broken headphone inputs are high on the list. Mike loves the GripStick because it saves so much frustration and time.

“Whenever you have one of those pesky repairs where someone’s broken their headphone input into the jack, just use this. Stick it in, squeeze the stick, and pull, and the broken piece will pop right out. It’s a nifty little thing to keep around, and it saves time, too.”

Tablet Heat Pad (110V) - Blue

Sometimes you have to use a little heat to get inside of a device. In those situations, Mike recommends the Tablet Heat Pad.

“The Tablet Heat Pad provides steady, consistent heat across an entire device. Plus you don’t run the risk of melting the LCD with a heat pad, unlike with heatguns. Since it’s programmable, you can even set the device on the pad and start working on something else until it beeps. I couldn’t imagine working without a Tablet Heat Pad.”

Tech's Choice: June

Our techs will be back next month with more favorite tools. In the meantime, we hope our Tech’s Choice items will help you save time on repairs.